Click here for Anne Bradstreet Poetry Contest Announcement and Rules

2023 Anne Bradstreet Poetry Contest - Announcement and Rules

Sunday, April 30, 2023

Announcing the 2023 Winners and Finalists

The North Andover Poet Laureate Committee is pleased to announce the 2023 contest winners and finalists!

Our panel of  judges carefully read and evaluated the poems – 76 in total – inspired by the theme: 

“Let Anne Be Your Muse”.  

The poetry and history of Anne Dudley Bradstreet herself was the theme. The contestants of all ages in North Andover took this theme to heart. Some wonderful poetry was written.

The judges themselves were inspired by all the poems that were submitted. The judges all remarked - North Andover is a creative place!

Here are the results:

Grades 1-2
Winner – E. T. “Dear Woods”  
Finalist – G. C. “Anne was the first person to write poems.”  [ABECC]

Grades 3-5
Winner – R. K.  “- War -”  [Franklin]
Finalist – C. B.   “Anne (Bradstreet)” - cinquain  [Sargent]
Finalist – H. M.   “A cemetery”  [Sargent]
Finalist – L. B.  “Ode to the Trees”  [Sargent]
Finalist – S. D.  “America's first poet shall she be”  [Sargent]
Finalist – T.  “Anne Dudley Bradstreet” - acrostic  [Sargent]

Middle School
Winner – I. J.  “A Painting of a Tunnel”  [NAMS]
Finalist – T. N.  “Springs Embrace”  [NAMS]

High School
Winner – L. B. “A++”   [NAHS]
Finalist – D. A.  “Faith, a force beyond what we can see”  
Finalist – E. D.  “Gray”  
Finalist – L. G.  “The Fall”  [Brooks School]
Finalist – L. I.  “Deathbed Desires”  [NAHS]
Evocative Imagery – E. H.  “Leak”  [NAHS]
Metaphorical Imagination – J. S.  “Strings”  [Brooks School]

Winner & Metaphorical Imagination – Graham Jackson  “To Bradstreet: Her Book’s Reply”
Finalist & Evocative Imagery – Christine O’Connor  “A Modern Jeremiad for Mistress Bradstreet”
Finalist – Jessica Wolfenden  “A Parsley Wreath”
Finalist – Jim  Mealey “Sounds”
Finalist – Ron Searls  “On first hearing of Anne Bradstreet”

All award winners and finalists will read their poems at the Anne Bradstreet Poetry Contest Awards Ceremony on the Town Common on Saturday, May 6 at 1:00 PM on the band platform. (rain date Sat May 13)

Thank you to all who entered.  See you on Saturday May 6th on the NA Common.

Mark Bohrer North Andover Poet Laureate

Karen M. Kline  ChairNorth Andover Poet Laureate Committee

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