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2023 Anne Bradstreet Poetry Contest - Announcement and Rules

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Anne Bradstreet Poetry Contest Award Celebration - NEW DATE - Saturday June 4th

Dear Poetry Lovers,

We have a new date! The Anne Bradstreet Poetry Contest Award Celebration is now scheduled for Saturday June 4th at 1:00PM. 

Come out to hear our winners and finalists as they read their poems on the North Andover Town Common at the band platform. 
The rain date is Sunday June 5th, 1:00 PM.
Parking is available at the North Andover Youth Center parking lot, not far from the band platform, just south of the NA Common, past Cows Rock Ice Cream.

Our theme this year is “Message In A Bottle: A Letter to the Future”. 

Our panel of  judges carefully read and evaluated the 120 poems that were submitted. 

The judges were impressed by the creativity of the North Andover community, seen in all the submissions.


Here are the contest winners and finalists:
Grades 1-2
Winner - Aaradhana Suresh, Grade 1 Atkinson - "Dear future (A message in a Bottle)"
Finalist - Charles Duff Bohenek, Grade 2 Sargent - "Left or right? Day or night?"
Finalist - Adarah Manoranjan, Grade 2 - "Lucky we are here!"
Evocative Imagery  Award - Connor Dick, Grade 2 Thomson - "Come with them."
Metaphorical Imagination Award - Jack Riccio, Grade 2 Franklin - "Koalas in the Future"


Grades 3-5
Winner & Metaphorical Imagination Award - Vivian (Casper) Longo, Grade 5 Sargent - "In the future"
Finalist - Ineshi Jayasekara, Grade 5 Franklin - "Hope"
Finalist & Evocative Imagery Award - Thomas S., Grade 5 Sargent - "OW! OW! I’m getting stabbed with a pen!" 
Finalist - Adeline Gunn, Grade 5 Sargent - "Inside that bottle was a note"


Middle School

Winner - Lila Lobel, Grade 7 NAMS - "Tomorrow"

Finalist & Evocative Imagery and Metaphorical Imagination Awards - Carla Dorsey, Grade 8 NAMS - "Where I Came From"

Finalist - Giada Musto, Grade 8 NAMS - "Perception of the Past"


High School

Winner - Katie Driscoll, Grade 9 NAHS - "Float (Parts I and II)"

Finalist & Metaphorical Imagination Award - Ella Flanagan, Grade 10 St. Marks - "Young Fascinations"

Finalist - Connor Hoffman - "The changing climate, the rising tides"

Finalist & Evocative Imagery Award - Tyler Murray, Grade 12 NAHS - "The Garden"


Winner & Evocative Imagery Award - Jenna Nissan "Before the Mirror"
Finalist - Melissa Rodrigues "Words for my daughter’s daughters"
Finalist - Jim Mealey "Dreams"
Finalist - Vincent Spada "A Friend..."

We’re looking forward to all members of the North Andover community hearing the poetic creativity that came from our community. Thank you to all who entered.  

Hope to see you on Saturday June 4th at 1:00 PM on the North Andover Common, at the band platform. Additional parking is available at the North Andover Youth Center parking lot, not far from the band platform, just south of the NA Common, past Cows Rock Ice Cream.


Mark Bohrer
North Andover Poet Laureate
Karen M. Kline, Chair
North Andover Poet Laureate Committee

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Anne Bradstreet Poetry Contest update - judging in progress


Dear North Andover Poetry Lovers - 

Hello to all who submitted poems or as teachers worked in the schools with the students on their poetry submissions - 

I have an update on the Anne Bradstreet Poetry Contest - the judging is in progress! 

Our two panels of judges were sent the anonymous poetry packets, ordered by age group, Grades 1-2, 3-5, Middle School, High School, Adult.  The judges will complete their work this week. My role is coordinator for the judging. 

Here is the schedule:
Saturday 5/14 - winners and finalists in each category are announced   

Saturday 5/21 - The Awards Celebration on the North Andover Common at the bandstand 1:00 PM. 
All the winners and finalists will be invited to read their poems that day.
Rain date is Saturday 5/28.

Find us on FB at North Andover Poets Corner if you do FB. 
Invite family and friends - help us promote poetry in North Andover!